Armor Crating Co. of Tucson

Whatever you need to move, make sure it gets there safe.

Transport Preparation


    As well as our crating services, Armor Crating of Tucson offers a wide variety of “third party” or transport preparation services.

    We handle ALL brands of top load & front load washing machines and dryers. Our prep team will install the original manufactures recommended transportation kit or universal kit to satisfy or exceed all moving company standards. Most people don't know you cant transport a front load washer without the proper kit. Don't be one of those people who finds out when its too late.

    In addition, we will cap off any water and gas lines, and, remove and ready for transport your other major appliances as well. Refrigerators, ranges, dishwasher, and soft water makers being the most common.

    Our transport prep services are not just limited to appliances. We are fully equipped to handle a variety of assembly and dis-assembly projects as well. Computers, pool tables, TV wall mounting, grandfather clocks, furniture, and playground equipment are some of our most common transport preparation services.

   Whether you need Origination service for an upcoming move or Destination service for new arrivals, we at Armor Crating of Tucson can accommodate all your transport preparation and set–up service needs.